Ananas Consulting has access to the latest data and visitor trends to determine the long term potential of a project. Our skills lie in finding the right project based on a good understanding of demand and supply forecasts for a particular location.


We crunch the numbers to find the right asset – from the sheer number of potential sites through to financial projections on acquisition cost, build price and future profit. These require projection of occupancy, average room rate and net profit. 

It is not all about the numbers – we believe that unique hotels allow the nature of the building and its location to speak to the concept design. This vision forms a large part of site selection and recommendations to Clients. 

Design is at the heart of innovation and new product development strategies. We are passionate innovators with practical know how from years in the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves on aligning hotels to a Group’s business strategy.
Construction Management involves both strategic direction and tight management to ensure the architects, builder and interior designer are on board with the overall concept and to advise on hotel specific technical specifications. Strict control at the contracting stage as well as through the entire journey of the build ensures that all parties complete their roles as required without holding up other elements. 

Whilst construction is underway we source hotel specific technology – for example, door locking, air condition control, catering equipment and property management systems. Individual attention is given to concept elements that require specialist procurement